Video Resources

Health Up your Coffee

You don't have to buy expensive supplement powders. I'll teach you how to make your own.

Health UP your Skin

Calendula daisy + olive oil, that's it. Protect, nourish, and heal skin and gut lining.

Health UP with Living Sprouts

Grow your own food without any dirt. Counter-top sprouts will change your life. 

Ayurveda Basics 1

What is "Ayurveda"? How do I Ayurveda? Will Ayurveda change my life?  YES.

Ayurveda Basics 2

Breathing into well-being.

It costs $0.00.

Ayurveda Basics 3

Meditation is life-changing medicine. It costs $0.00.

Meditation to Release

Meditation for Confident Decision Making

Meditation to Awaken to Present Moment Freedom

Meditation to Rest in Surrounding Support

Mediation to Trust your Inner Truth

Meditation to Harness Inner Chaos