Where to start

Basic essentials to start doing right now to support your body, mind, and relationships as you pursue a path to wellness.

Water: stop drinking tap or conventional bottled. Only drink filtered, reverse osmosis, or alkaline water. Add electrolytes. 

Focus on physiological re-mineralization. Magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, Iodine, etc.

Make gut health a priority. Probiotics. Fermented foods. Digestion herbs. Cleanse if necessary. 

Investigate herbs that will facilitate your healing. From knees to nervous system there are a wealth out there.

Qi gong. 


Kundalini breath work. 

Meditate daily. 

Say what you are thankful for, daily. "Thank you for my bed. Thank you for my eyesight. Thank you for the lovely roof over my head..." Express gratitude for anything, everything, and everyone in your life daily. 

Stop eating meat; minimize and phase out slowly if you're reluctant. 

Cook all meals in stainless steel or ceramic cookware. NO TEFLON NONSTICK. 

Eliminate all processed foods from your diet. Eat only whole foods that you can trace back to the ground.

Go outside, especially right around sunrise. Fresh air is alive with negative ions to cleanse and soothe.

Cold showers - Wim Hoff method to the capacity of your body. (Example: I can only do cold showers for 60 seconds in the summer. No way would I do this in the winter or I would do myself damage.)

Switch out all your cleaning products from harsh chemicals to natural alternatives.

Switch out your tooth paste for an organic, fluoride-free version.

Switch out all soaps, shampoos, lotions, face cleanser, moisturizers, sun screen, for natural non-chemical versions. All ingredients should be simple, recognizable plant sources or minerals. 

If you still choose to wear any cosmetics, make sure they are natural, non-toxic, chemical-free. 

Phase out smoking and alcohol 

Journal regularly about the changes and shifts and insights you're having. 

Move your body daily. Dance. Long walks. Pilates. 

Phase out news, network/cable TV, violent movies, social media use in moderation.

Limit sugar.

Cultivate your intuition by listening to it.

Daily positive affirmations to foster self-esteem and abundance mindset.

Connect to your breath.

Read books you can hold more than you scroll. Take one with you in a bag so you can look at that and learn instead of the phone. 

Stop using microwaves.  We eat to intake prana. Microwave radiation kills prana and does your gut health no favors. 

Look up and listen to healing frequencies - solfeggio - 528 hz - on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Look up and practice chakra clearing/toning vocal chants: Lam. Vam. Ham. Yam. 

Spend ample time alone. In nature, in a room with a closed door. Give yourself time away from others' energy fields. 

Get acupuncture/reiki/cupping/massage. They realign your internal energy channels. Human touch will be essential to regulate your nervous system. The more people you can hug deeply and lovingly, the better.

Stop hanging around people who complain and spread negativity.

Commit yourself to only speaking the truth. 

Eat a 100% organic diet as soon as possible. As local and fresh as you can obtain. Farmers markets will be your best friend. 

You'll become a resident of supplement city. Protein, vitamins, minerals, oils, etc.

Switch your food and exercise routines with the seasons. 

Listen to your body. 

Start planting your own food - countertop sprouting is so easy. It's farming without dirt. 

Ween off of prescriptions IF POSSIBLE. 

Remove yourself from situations that demand you to betray any part of yourself.  In employment, in relationships, in location.

Eat outside in the sunlight. Do not look at any screens. Minimal conversation. 

Grounding - walk barefoot on the earth, visit large bodies of water frequently. (Tips: cemeteries, large parks, churches open to the public with lawns tend to be safer bets.) 

After sundown, use candlelight or lightbulbs that mimic sunlight spectrum. Eliminate fluorescent light. They ruin your circadian rhythm. 

Keep your phone and computer on the lowest brightness setting possible. Get blue light shields for phones and computers. 

Be in bed by 10pm, wake up with the sun. 

Look into anti-radiation and EMF protective smart phone cases, headphones, and clothing.