Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy became popularized as "the Dolores Cannon method." It is the process of accessing past (and future) life experiences, and offers you a direct line of communication with both your higher soul self and the cells of your physical body to aid in providing relief from distressing mental, physical, and emotional symptoms - or simply to get a clear understand of your purpose here on Earth.  

As we go through life, most of us are automatically drawn to activities, professions, significant others, and geographical locations; or we possess certain masterful skillsets, stubborn core beliefs, and/or crippling fears of seemingly inexplicable things... This is because we've interacted with these people, places, and things before. The imprint already exists upon our soul frequency, so we align into the groove again the way all water flows into paths of least resistance. 

QHHT expands your reach of conscious lived experiences to give you a bigger picture of your soul's history. 

Left unconfronted, these unconscious patterns run the show! They direct our lives into loops of self-sabotage that make it impossible to live happy, healthy lives of fulfillment. 

QUANTUM: beyond the readily observable grasp of time and space

You are light. Your soul essence is light. Light travels through time and space until it is trapped in a closed prism. The physical human body is a contained, closed prism of water and minerals bound by a unique electro-magnetic field more than likely generated and maintained by the heart (and the Earth's gravitational impact upon the body). When the heart ceases and the physical body fails, the trapped lightwave (soul) is released and continues to travel until contained in a subsequent prism (body). 

HEALING: intending to provide insight and relief to the root causes of distressing physical and emotional symptoms 

HYPNOSIS:  operating at a state of consciousness alternate to typical waking activity

QHHT places the client into a Theta brainwave, one of the four completely natural states of brain function experienced every single day. Theta is the particular brainwave state experienced just before falling asleep and just prior to waking up.  (You are not UNconscious, you are still present and able to speak and respond to questions. All sessions are recorded and clients walk away with evidence of their journey detailed by their own voice.)

THERAPY: a modality of body/mind assistance 


A QHHT appointment lasts about 4 hours total. All sessions are recorded and clients walk away with evidence of their journey detailed by their own voice to listen to whenever desired.

1.5 hour intake interview: We will talk through a completely confidential life story review to bring up significant impactful events and other people you've experience. This can often delve into your childhood, your relationship patterns, health habits, frustrations, walls you keep hitting, and unanswered questions you struggle with. (The interview is NOT recorded and NO notes are taken. This is to jog your emotional memory in preparation for the hypnosis and to give me a bit of backdrop for guiding the course of prompts in your theta hypnosis.) We will review your list of prepared questions together. 

-15 to 20 minute break - 

1.5 hour hypnosis session: You will lie down in a very comfortable, relaxed setting and be gently guided into theta brainwave state with some simple visual prompts. Your subconscious will choose the best past life experience to show you in order to best serve your present symptoms.complaints/uncertainties. You will be guided only by questions to more vividly recall important details of the life scene being visited. Most sessions visit two alternate lifetimes. 

The last portion of the session is reserved for you to ask your subconscious/ the quantum field absolutely anything you have ever wanted to know about your current life. Questions regarding health, relationships, childhood, and life purpose are common and encouraged. You can ask anything. Bring your list.


Can I bring a spouse/partner/pet/friend? No. The intimate nature of these sessions prohibits any outside influence. It's just you, me, and the audio recording devices. If you need someone to drive you to and from the appointment arrange for them to leave and come back. If you want to share your session recording with them after, that is completely up to you. 

What do I wear? Dress comfortably, nothing restricting, tight, or otherwise physically distracting that will lessen your focus. Shoes are taken off before entering the room. 

Should I bring anything? Your list of questions. Water. Something healthy and grounding to eat after the session can be helpful. 

Will I be disoriented after the session? Not really, it's like waking up from a very deep nap. You'll be guided back to regular waking state, and we'll have some time to talk and unpack the details of your session experience. If you need a few moments to gather yourself before returning to the public world, just ask. 


$350 for credit/debit card. $280 cash/Venmo. 

A $50 deposit is required online to book your appointment.

(Ask about sliding scale/pay-what-you-can: Jess@humanhealed.org)